Pink Velvet Sticker

Pink Velvet Sticker

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These vinyl stickers were created to give thanks to the artists that created the designs behind some of the products. They have made the brand stand out and brought Shí-Fawn's visions to life. 

Proceeds from these stickers will go to the artists! (Limited time)

-This sticker measures: 3"x2" 

Meet the artist: Cody Lampman

I was intrigued by photography as a boy, but it was not until I was an adult that I discovered my true interest in it as a form of introspection. I have shot for a few publications, but now focus solely on using my images as a way of looking into myself and clarifying my beliefs as a Zen Buddhist. Photography is a way for me to connect with others, have discussions with the landscape around me, and, in the best of moments, to honor that sliver of something mysterious that hides beneath the doldrum activities of the everyday.