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Resilient Sticker

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These vinyl stickers were created to give thanks to the artists that created the designs behind some of the products. They have made the brand stand out and brought Shí-Fawn's visions to life. 

Proceeds from these stickers will go to the artists! (Limited time)

-This sticker measures: 3"x2" 

Meet the Artist: Jacintha Stanley

Salty Black Sheep Creations is a Diné owned business. Designer and creator Jay Stanley is from Kayenta, AZ and currently residences in Oregon near her husbands tribe, where she cares for her boss (her son, one year old Jaylin). 

The name Salty Black Sheep Creations is rooted in Jay's first clan (Áshįįhíí Dibéłízhiní) and her sissy personality.
SaltyBSC seeks to deliver unique art and designs that speak to our identity as Indigenous people, from custom stickers to one of a kind logos for other Indigenous businesses. SaltyBSC draws inspiration from historic and modern art (both Indigenous and non), and Indigenous humor and culture as well as pop culture. SaltyBSC mission is to help bring our ideas and thoughts to the forefront. 
Salty Black Sheep Creations is also Indigenous Entrepreneurship making art to wear and show off. Art made to make you feel Indigenous AF in the modern world!
You can follow and reach Salty Black Sheep Creations on Instagram and Facebook. For apparel by SaltyBSC you can find designs on, search SaltyBSC.